What Does CBD Do For Dogs?

CBD is increasing its popularity across the board and one of the most common types of CBD uses today isn’t just for human consumption. CBD is a chemical that’s derived naturally from cannabis and unlike THC it is a non-psychoactive solution. Researching the CBD is still in its early stages but it’s extremely beneficial in treating pain, anxiety, cancer, arthritis, and more. CBD pet products are spreading in their popularity and it is making many pet owners actually curious about its use for their own pets and their conditions.

Veterinarians And CBD

Around 63% of veterinarians reported that they had been asked about CBD products at least once a month. There are certain veterinarians that are extremely comfortable going through the benefits of CBD and recommending CBD products to their patients. Based on various attitudes in certain areas across the United States there are other veterinarians that are not comfortable with the idea of discussing this form of treatment.

With CBD products opening up for legalization across the United States there are many vets that are now recommending these products for pets.

CBD comes with a very minimal chance for negative effects with your pet. Based on current studies into CBD, 80% of dogs were able to improve pain and mobility as they aged by taking CBD oil.

CBD oil Is also extremely beneficial in treating dogs that have experienced seizures. When epileptic dogs were given CBD in addition to their seizure medication it was found that they had significantly fewer seizures when compared to other dogs that were simply under the effects of seizure medication. The potential for CBD oil to help dogs as they age is immeasurable. As we do future research we may determine that CBD can help as they are experiencing greater symptoms of arthritis too.

How Do Dogs Take CBD

CBD can be given to canines quite easily with the help of various treats, oils, and topical creams as well. Choosing the ideal solution for your pet’s needs will make sure that you can find something they will enjoy taking and use with ease.

How Much To Give A Dog

Most veterinarians recommend giving dogs small doses of CBD to startt. It’s usually best to start with a small dose of around 2 mg per kilogram of weight and then adjusting the dose based on the dogs increasing comfort and activity levels. The CBD dosage for your dog is best started in a small dose but there are very minimal side effects to CBD even in large doses. Every dog is going to respond differently but when you start with a small dose, you can monitor the results and adjust the process from there. Most products in CBD will offer suggestions for dosing but it is important to consider that these suggestions are usually recommended by the manufacturer. The CBD that you give your dog should be lab tested and you may want to consult your veterinarian to determine the best product for use based on the standards for CBD products in your area.

Giving your dog CBD oil is completely safe and it could help them live a more enriching life! If you want to make sure your dog is getting the highest quality CBD on the market then contact us today!