The Science of CBD in Treating Arthritis

The Science of CBD in Treating Arthritis

The Science of CBD in Treating Arthritis

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol which is a Medicinal compound that’s extracted from hemp plants. CBD is just one of the 113 properties that can be identified in hemp as a cannabinoid. Out of all of the extracts in the hemp plant, CBD is one of the most widely utilized when extracted for pharmaceutical purposes.

Hemp and marijuana often come from the same types of cannabis plants but they can have some different effects on the brain. The phytochemical composition that can be found in hemp plants is very different from marijuana because of the higher concentrations of CBD as opposed to THC. The psychoactive component that can be found in cannabis is otherwise known as THC and the composition of the CBD element ensures that a person can experience a series of benefits without the psychoactive complications of THC being involved.

There are numerous medical benefits associated with CBD and most of the concentrations of these medical benefits stand around its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits. For individuals that experience rheumatoid arthritis, CBD has produced positive results.

Science behind CBD

In peer-reviewed studies published by the National Center for biotechnology information, CBD oil was shown to reduce the inflammation and pain-related reactions associated with arthritis. The benefits of CBD also greatly outweighed some of the participants that had tried medical marijuana in the past because CBD oil was able to reduce inflammation and pain-related reactions of the site of arthritis without the psychoactive effects. Pain ratings based on limb posture in animal studies also showed that there was a massive reduction in inflammation using transdermal CBD oil. The study completed using across body application of CBD as an effective treatment for arthritis. The final recommendation of the study was that CBD oil was seen as an excellent candidate to improve and alleviate the effects associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

A study in 2006 also associated a suppressed evidence of rheumatoid arthritis disease activity through cannabis-related medicines. The pain relief that could be found in cannabis extracts related to THC and CBD was able to help patients that regularly struggled with life-altering effects from their arthritis.

More long-term research is required before these items can become more prescribed in a medical sense. There is already considerable research to suggest that CBD oil can be beneficial to those that are experiencing a number of health effects.

Currently, CBD is only prescribed to patients that experience epilepsy and seizure-inducing conditions. CBD has been shown to reduce the total number of seizure events and to dramatically improve the quality of life in individuals that suffer from epilepsy.

The Potential Side Effects of CBD

CBD oil does have a few minor side effects but these are often minimal when compared to pharmaceutical and chemical results. Most CBD is well tolerated by the body but as a medicinal remedy CBD oil can produce effects including:

Fatigue: Many people using CBD will begin to experience improvements with their sleep quality but this can often lead to fatigue and sleepiness shortly after doses take effect. Planning for doses of CBD around your typical sleep schedule can assist with this side effect.

Changes in appetite: CBD can be beneficial to digestion this can often lead to changes in appetite. As you are finding your dose, it may be important to prepare for changes in appetite associated with CBD usage.

The Availability of CBD

One of the largest challenges that many people face when trying CBD is finding products that are available. There are a number of high-quality CBD oils that you can find in the form of lotions but this product only became widely available and legal in many states recently. CBD products that contain .3% or less THC are available for legal sale at many health food stores but it could be difficult for you to acquire other types of CBD oil in some states where the products have not been made legal.

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