Organic CBD Oil: Is There Really Any Difference?

Organic CBD Oil: Is There a Difference?

Many people believe all CBD products are created equal. The truth is that there is a wide range of low quality CBD products available for purchase online and in your local market as well. There is a vast disparity in the nature of different CBD oils. One of the only true ways that you can find a high-quality product is to search for organic CBD oil online that comes from a verified source. Finding a truly organic CBD oil that has been third-party lab tested means finding a manufacturer that stands behind their product and the potency of the CBD in it.

What is Organic CBD?

The word organic typically describes a product that has been made without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. Insecticides or fertilizers are often omitted from use in organic products as well. Organic has unfortunately become a large buzzword that many people utilize in order to sell products. It’s become a popular way to increase the notoriety of health products. As organic products are typically considered to be safer and more beneficial to our health, organic CBD has become one of the most widely sought after materials in the health market.

Shopping for organic products when it comes to CBD can be difficult as there is no certified organic label that is administered by a governing party. When buying produce that is certified organic, there is a certification from the United States Department of Agriculture for the farm producing the product.

The only way to verify the source of an organic CBD oil is to make sure that the hemp that’s used to produce the CBD is organic and certified organic on a farm regulated by the USDA or through third-party laboratory testing. A third-party laboratory tests will verify that there is no evidence of pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides or other residual chemical compounds in the CBD product.

Why Is It Beneficial to Choose Organic CBD Oil?

Although it can seem like a hassle to verify the CBD oil that you are using, it is well worth it as it comes with multiple benefits to your overall health. Organic CBD options in this industry means the products are actually verified CBD and that there are no extra chemical compounds that could produce side effects. There are multiple untrustworthy sellers online that produce CBD oil through chemical means and with extremely low concentrations of CBD, it is wise to choose organic to maximize the benefits you can receive from the product.

The Types of Organic CBD

CBD isolate is one of the easiest types of organic CBD to find. These products don’t contain any type of additives and this means that you are receiving hemp in an organic product. The CBD isolate that you find in powder, crystals or wax can be a product that can provide ideal benefits.

Some of the more complicated CBD products to find organic are CBD edibles and CBD vape capsules. It’s difficult to verify these products with how many ingredients they contain. Vape juice and oil often contains chemical compounds like propylene glycol which can change the designation of organic.

The Best Benefit of Organic CBD Oil

The greatest benefits of using organic CBD oil over something that’s not organic is that you can lessen your dosage. Something that’s entirely verified that you are taking daily will have a higher potency and this means that you’ll only need a smaller amount each day. This could mean vaping less, using less oil or supplementing with less of your tincture. Although you might pay a little more for an organic designation on a CBD product, you will be saving some of that product over time because the potency is much higher.

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