CBD May Help With Autism

CBD May Help With Autism

CBD May Help With Autism

We know that CBD can be a viable treatment for a number of different health conditions. From its neuroprotective properties to its powerful antioxidants, CBD can offer fabulous support with managing a series of diseases and health conditions. One of the viable treatments that is being explored for CBD use includes its potential for treating autism in children.

Information On Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that can impair the ability to interact and communicate. There are treatment options that can help people with autism but the condition has no cure. Autism is often referred to as an autism spectrum disorder. Aniston referres to the range of conditions that are associated with autism such as repetitive behaviors, problems with speech, nonverbal communication, challenges with social skills and more. All of these items are impacted by the nervous system but the symptoms can range in autism from person to person. Autism is usually identified in toddlerhood or infancy.

Autism Treatments Today

Recognizing the signs of autism early can often make sure that families can develop a plan for treatment. Early behavioral, family and educational therapies can work to reduce the symptoms and improve learning over time. Doctors can also treat the symptoms of autism with antipsychotic medications but these medications can often come with harmful side effects.

The use of CBD to assist with autistic behaviors can be an intriguing factor as it may offer many of the same benefits that antipsychotic medications could provide but without the same side effects. What we do know currently about CBD treatment for autism is that it can provide an overwhelming difference especially based off of the initial studies between parents and autistic children. There are signs of improvement upon taking CBD for children that are getting started on the medication.

One of the more recent studies into CBD and autism symptoms showcase that around 80% of children involved in the study saw some form of improvement. This was a group that had not shown any type of improvement using conventional drug therapies. This study was conducted in pediatric neurology at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek hospital in a sample size of 60 children. The children involved in the study were taking high concentrations of CBD oil at 20% CBD.

Over seven months the majority of children were able to enjoy improvements to their symptoms and improve their overall behaviors. Questions that were involving behavioral changes and the ability to communicate were prompted in the form of a questionnaire before and after the treatment took place. Parents noted an 80% decrease in the problematic behaviors after CBD treatment took place and significant improvements in their children’s behavior. Around 30 of the 60 children had also improved their communication and 40% of the parents were experiencing less anxiety as a result of the difference.

CBD can be extremely effective in treating conditions like autism because of some of the links that autism has two conditions like epilepsy. Around 2% of the general population suffers from epilepsy and 33% of people with autism also suffer epileptic symptoms as well. As the FDA has approved cannabis medication for children using CBD, it could be just a matter of time before CBD medications are available for treatment with autism as well.

CBD continues to show promise when treating people that suffer from autism. Treatment can be an excellent way to help individuals that have autism but there is no current cure for the condition. Using CBD oil is an excellent way to manage the symptoms but people with autism will also need to continually go for therapy and explore other methods of treatment for CBD to remain effective.

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