CBD for Occasional Anxiety

CBD for Occasional Anxiety

CBD for Occasional Anxiety

CBD is beneficial for a number of different items throughout our bodies. One of the best reasons to regularly take CBD during this time of the pandemic is for anxiety. The link between stress and CBD is long-standing and having CBD to help us cope with the everyday effects of anxiety and stress can make life easier.

Whether you are facing stressful events or you are in need of something to help you through a particularly difficult time, CBD oil can be a highly discreet and useful solution that can be used as a supplement for your everyday anxiety and stress.

Most of the research on CBD and anxiety has to do with people that experience some form of social anxiety disorder or SAD. The new research literature is supporting the idea of CBD to manage occasional anxiety and stress as well.

How is CBD and Anxiety Linked?

The endocannabinoid system plays a role in modulating how we respond to our stress, fear, and anxiety. This system for our body can work like an overseer or conductor that directs the physiological symptoms that are body experiences as a result of the various stimulus in our lives. The system is also responsible for helping us achieve an optimum level of balance for our lifestyle.

Ongoing exposure to stress can put an extra impact on the Endocannabinoid system. Stress will continue to affect the CB one receptors in the way that we process our emotions and it can increase the levels of an enzyme fatty acid amide hydrolase which would continue to break down the system and our responses into a stress response.

When our endocannabinoid system is not working in the optimal pattern it can often leave us feeling extremely anxious. This makes it easy for us to go between experiencing pleasure and some negative memories as well. One study found that there is an inverse relationship between the levels of anandamide as well as the severity of our anxiety. With a lower level of this compound in our system, we will experience worse levels of anxiety. CBD can raise these low levels of anandamide and help us to feel less anxious over time. CBD can help us handle this deficiency and make sure that our system can be rewarded with a reduced number of these anxious behaviors.

As we learn more about our Endocannabinoid system, we learn just how important it is to regularly activate the CB one NCB to cannabinoid receptor sites. They can also help us with finding helpful ways that we can see other neurotransmitter improvements.

The Future for CBD and Anxiety

CBD has been studied for its effects on anxiety over several years and most of the studies are at an early phase especially with human studies. There was a reasonable scientific review that took place in the year 2015 on how CBD could affect the amygdala responses. In this study, it was determined that increasing anandamide levels throughout the amygdala, it was possible for the subject of the test to forget frightening events. CBD had this effect for all members of the study from mice to 48 human respondents.

CBD can also support the normal formation of new runs in the hippocampus which further supports beneficial effects with anxiety. Brain imaging studies suggest that there is evidence that CBD will support areas of the brain that are linked with cognitive and emotional processes as well as memory. Brain images on healthy subjects that were given CBD reported a correlation of activity in the limbic system after CBD was administered.

As future scientific research takes place we will see greater linkages between anxiety and CBD use. If you would like to learn more about reducing your anxiety with CBD, contact us today.