CBD for Nausea: Is It Effective?

CBD for Nausea: Is It Effective?

CBD for Nausea: Is It Effective?

It’s never easy for you to enjoy a good quality of life if you are feeling sick to your stomach. If you experience regular nausea it’s likely that you can also experience the symptoms of vomiting, lethargy, and more. These symptoms can make it difficult for you to go to work, keep food down, stay hydrated, and have enough energy to feel like yourself.

This can occur in adults and kids as well as in women who are in their first trimester of pregnancy. Nausea is also a common symptom of treatment plans such as chemotherapy. General nausea is more prevalent in the population than you may think. There’s an estimated 12% of world citizens that experience regular nausea symptoms and have to resort to taking regular antacids and other anti nausea medication just to feel well.

Rather than using traditional medications, there are many people that are now turning to CBD oil for its promising effects related to nausea.

Nausea is best described as one of the unpleasant sensations that you might feel in your stomach. It’s often coupled with discomfort, gas, and more. If your stomach suddenly feels queasy or you are ravaged by nausea for many hours, you might find yourself having the urge to vomit. Depending on the cause of your nausea, the feeling of nausea can pass quickly or it could last over several hours. In many cases with nausea, people will start to feel compelled to throw up and this can start to alleviate some of the symptoms but sometimes just temporarily.

Nausea is somewhat a nonspecific symptom and it’s caused by a wide range of stomach concerns. You could experience nausea as a result of a severe issue like an infection in your stomach or from something simple like motion sickness.

No matter what the cause of your nausea may be CBD for nausea can be particularly effective. The brain, the nervous system, and the G.I. system are all responsible for making us feel the symptoms of nausea. The medical field has only started testing the idea of effective treatments using CBD for those that feel nauseous regularly. CBD oil works particularly well with treating nausea because it can interact with the receptors in our brain that release serotonin. In a small dose, CBD oil can manage nausea and vomiting by helping us to ease anxiety which calms down the stomach as well.

CBD is showing some initial promise in studies in which it’s been used to treat chemotherapy patients. In a recent study conducted by the British Journal of pharmacology in 2011, using cannabinoid compounds did show promise in helping with nausea from affected chemotherapy patients.

The British Journal revisited this study for anti-nausea effects and found that CBD was particularly effective because of its indirect activation of 5- HT autoreceptors in the brain. These autoreceptors can produce anti-nauseating effects and affecting these receptors can be just as effective as any other anti-nausea medication on the market.

Using CBD oil for nausea can be just as easy as taking any other medication. In CBD oil, you can simply let the compound dissolved under your tongue and get absorbed into your system quite easily. CBD oil works very quickly and effectively but the only thing that is holding it back is current regulations.

You can use CBD oil for nausea in many places across the United States but there are still legal issues regarding its sale in a few areas. If you can get access to CBD oil for its anti-nausea effects, it will likely be in a format that has less than .3% THC.

When you are starting a dose of CBD for nausea make sure that you are using a small dosage and then work at increasing the dosage gradually until you feel well. There are virtually zero side effects to taking CBD oil and apart from feeling a bit tired and having a dry mouth, it’s very safe to take over time, even in high dosage.

Most of the research around CBD oil and nausea involves the relation between cannabinoids preventing vomiting. As these compounds are available in more places across the United States it will be possible to improve testing and see how effective CBD oil can be as a treatment for nausea. Contact us today for the highest-quality CBD products.