7 Benefits Of CBD Oil That Are Backed by Science

7 Benefits Of CBD Oil That Are Backed by Science

7 Benefits Of CBD Oil That Are Backed by Science

CBD oil has risen in popularity over the past few years due to the benefits that it can provide for our health. Full-spectrum CBD oil is a hemp-extracted CBD oil tincture that can have multiple benefits for users. As CBD oil can provide some of the most effective and diverse health benefits of any supplement on the market, more people are turning to the use of CBD oil to improve their quality-of-life. People all over the world are using CBD oil to manage their pain, ailments, and to enjoy better sleep and immune system function. If you’re wondering more about the various benefits of CBD oil, here are some of the top seven benefits which are backed by science.

Reduced Risk of Obesity and Diabetes

In several studies published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, it was shown that CBD use was particularly effective at lowering the risk of obesity and diabetes. Hormones that are found within CBD can lower the incidence of diabetes and improve weight loss benefits. CBD has been shown to improve the way that the body converts white fat into weight-reducing brown fat.

Improving Recovery After a Workout

CBD is known for its extensive anti-inflammatory benefits. If you are looking for the ultimate way that you can recover after a stressful workout, CBD can be an excellent way that you can maintain your energy levels as well as keep consistent with working out. CBD oil can work particularly well at fighting inflammation and pain. Working out is a huge challenge on our body; CBD has been shown to reduce the pain of muscle strains and maximize training potential.

Improvements to Sleep

One of the main reasons that many people take CBD is to combat insomnia. Improving your sleep schedule with CBD can be easy. Supplementing with CBD regularly can make sure that you get a sound sleep as well as enjoy the quality benefits of a good night’s sleep. If you find that you are restless around bed-time or that it’s difficult for you to fall asleep at a regular hour, using CBD could help you to regulate your sleep schedule. Using CBD oil can make sure that you can go to bed at the same time and enjoy the full benefits of a complete night’s rest.

To Help You Fight Skin Conditions

If you regularly experience conditions like acne or extremely dry skin, CBD oil can be an excellent way to address these problems. Using CBD oil topically can be an excellent way that you can moisturize and have a powerful antioxidant for your skin. Because of the anti-inflammatory and heavy moisturizing benefits of CBD oil, you can enjoy some of the best skin cream that you’ve ever used just by applying it regularly in a topical format. Adding CBD oil into your regular skincare routine can be revolutionary.

Helps You Manage Stress

Stress comes out is from many different angles in today’s modern living. The mass majority of people in the workplace today find it difficult to keep traditional 9-to-5 hours. With us facing more stress in our jobs than ever before, using CBD oil can be an excellent way that you can relax and clear your mind. Achieving better focus and control in the workplace can mean regularly supplementing with CBD oil.

Reducing Your Risk of Cancer

CBD has been the subject of a series of studies involving cancer research. One study completed in 2012 showcased that a number of animals that were treated with CBD were much less likely to develop colon cancer. Studies conducted in 2015 on male patients in California suggested that the rate of bladder cancer was 45% lower in patients that regularly used cannabis. Ongoing research will be required to determine which formulation of CBD is best for the prevention of cancer but results do look promising.

Can Maintain Brain Health

CBD is a powerful antioxidant and the cannabinoids that are found in CBD oil can be particularly powerful at regulating and maintaining brain health. The effects can work at improving the efficiency of mitochondria as well as reducing toxicity. As our brain ages, the creation of new neurons slows down significantly. CBD actually works to stimulate the growth of new cells in aging brains and also prevented nerve-related diseases when used regularly.

If you are considering adding CBD to your list of supplements, consider some of these top benefits provided by CBD oil. Regular use of CBD oil could be one of the best ways that you can improve your quality of life. If you are considering using CBD feel free to contact us today for more information!