Delta 8 CBD 

Delta 8 CBDDelta 8 CBD is a cannabis compound that has recently reached new h8s in popularity. Delta 8 in CBD is similar to THC because of its chemical structure. THC's chemical name is a Delta nine tetrahydrocannabinol and Delta 8 a short for Delta 8 THC. 

The current gallery on Delta 8 CBD products is relatively hazy but a number of states have made Delta 8 products legal for sale. These products are manufactured from hemp derived CBD and although they contain lower amounts of THC, Delta 8 sometimes pushes the limits of CBD products for their legality. 

Because Delta 8 is so close to THC it binds to the endocannabinoid system. The two compounds are chemically different as the Delta 8 compound has a double bond on the 8 carbon compounds in the molecule. Delta 8 interacts with the body slightly differently and provides a wealth of benefits to its users. 

Delta 8 does provide some of the cerebral effects that you would get from THC but it is not often as potent as traditional THC. Most users that are looking for a high from their cannabis products prefer regular THC but Delta 8 offers a more mild high with greater benefits than what can be seen with just the base CBD product. 

Most of the base side effects from Delta 8 CBD products include dry mouth, red eyes in an increased appetite. It's a very similar effect to THC but with a milder and non-intoxicating effect in low doses. For many people that are fighting conditions of severe pain where THC is required, Delta 8 could represent a solution for a more mild potency that produces a greater binding effect then what somebody gets out of traditional CBD. 

Dosing using a Delta 8 is often something that's different from traditional CBD. Because in high concentrations Delta 8 can cause intoxicating effects, it's best to start with an extremely low dose of gummies starting with 5 mg and moving up in 5 mg increments. Because of the milder effects, a 25 mg D8 gummy might equate to what you would get out of a 10 mg THC gummy variety. 

Because these products are still on the forefront of innovation there's only a few manufacturers that are isolating Delta 8 in their gummy production and product production. As legality increases and Delta 8 comes out of the gray area for drug classification, we will see a greater increase of products available. 

What Delta 8 CBD cannabis compounds could represent is the chance for a greater diversity in CBD products and more helpful effects for users that have experienced the benefits of full spectrum cannabis products containing THC and CBD. Having a more manageable dose of THC and CBD products that do not cause intoxicating effects will be a revelation for many people experiencing ongoing pain, seizures and more.

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