What is Delta 8 CBD?

You must have heard of Delta 8 CBD recently because it's been taking the world by storm lately. One of the main reasons might be the fact that it has such unique characteristics that it's hard to categorize. That is, it's not exactly marijuana, and it's exactly CBD, either.

Delta 8 THC, also called Delta 8 or D8, is a derivative of hemp-cannabis. It exists somewhat on the border that separates marijuana and hemp. To remind you, marijuana CBD contains tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which gives the user a sense of psychoactive highness, but hemp and hemp-based CBD does not contain that.In this article, we will take a look into it in more detail.

Does Delta 8 CBD make you high?

We know that both hemp and marijuana are members of the cannabis family. But hemp contains much less THC than marijuana. But though Delta 8 is derived from hemp, Delta 8 is considered a form of THC.

Marijuana can make you high, and hemp contains a really small amount of THC so that you can feel a fraction of that from the intake of Delta 8 as well. However, only a fraction is a small and mild sense of high, not a serious one. Word of mouth is that it changes your perception of reality, but only faintly.

Therefore, if you want to experience the sense of euphoria that one can usually get from THC, but not in a serious way, then Delta 8 is a good choice. It will be in a milder way without any buzz in your head so that you can feel high without any associated risks.

Is Delta 8 CBD legal?

In the USA, Delta 8 is found to be legal in many states because it's mostly harmless if used under control or for medical purposes. It's even legal in some states that have banned marijuana.

Delta 8 has especially received popularity in New York, which is a state that legalized marijuana a few years ago and CBD a few months back. Since last year, it has been available in New York and is picking up momentum all over the nation since then. You can easily find it in any local shop that sells cannabinol (CBD) and other hemp products.

Though it's receiving a lot of love in some states, it's a fairly controversial topic in others. A total of 12 states have banned it so far. In fact, it's banned in Colorado too, which is one of the first states to legalize marijuana itself. This is simply because scientists still don't have that much knowledge about the origin and premise of Delta 8, and hence these states want to keep their citizens on the safe side.

What is Delta 8 CBD used for?

Delta 8 is a good substance that can be used for medical purposes. Like other CBD products, Delta 8 can relieve pain if taken under prescription and in a controlled manner. The same goes for mental health disorders like depression and anxiety.

When used without a prescription, it is usually smoked or vaped. It's a risk-free way of achieving a safe level of euphoria, so many people prefer it over actual cannabis. However, overuse of it can still be dangerous because overuse of just about anything is dangerous. So we highly recommend keeping it controlled. if you would likew to learn more contact us today!