Ways To Add CBD To Your Workout Schedule

Ways To Add CBD To Your Workout Schedule

Ways To Add CBD To Your Workout Schedule

Cannabidiol or CBD comes with a massive range of applications and improvements for your quality of life. While many people are using it for recreational benefits, there are a number of top athletes that are regularly consuming CBD as a convenient method to improve their athletic performance. CBD is an excellent supplement that could change your workout routine due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties. It helps alleviate inflammation and muscle soreness drastically.

When athletes train, they’re working to stretch and tear muscles over time which is why many athletes find themselves feeling sore several days after they’ve worked out. The tearing process and the stress on muscles is a requirement to help them grow. The only problem with the recovery process is that when muscles get too sore, you might find yourself taking many days off before you’re able to engage in training again. CBD can benefit your workout by making sure that you don’t have to wait and that you can get back to training as soon as possible.

How CBD Will Benefit A Workout

CBD can reduce inflammation and pain over time as a result of exercise and manages inflammation by boosting the production of a molecule called IL-10. This molecule is responsible for differentiation in the muscle cells. It can be particularly powerful in helping people relax their body and make sure that they can recover mentally after a workout as well. Taking different doses of CBD can help boost energy and mental acuity and it will work particularly well in helping to motivate you when you don’t feel like exercising.

CBD can also work as a post workout or pre-workout supplement and it has different outcomes for each individual. Early studies show that CBD can be powerful as a pre-workout for boosting energy and helping people to maintain their focus. CBD also is useful for its anti-inflammatory and relaxation properties as a post workout supplement.

How Should You Add CBD To Your Workout Schedule?
Take It Sublingually

If you buy CBD oil you can purchase it in a tincture mixture. This is one of the easiest ways to take it as a pre-or post-workout. It’s best not to swallow the droplet but instead place it under your tongue for 90 seconds. Letting the mixture absorb through your tongue is the easiest way to take CBD. With the slow release, you should begin to feel the effects taking place after about 15 minutes. If you would prefer a different route, you can add droplets into your drinks or onto food. Every tincture will come with a way to measure out the dosage. Starting with a small dose and working towards an optimum dosage is the best way to find your sublingual doses.


CBD also comes in a topical format. You can apply the CBD to your muscles in a balm and this can be particularly powerful for managing pains and aches. If you regularly train hard, this is a fantastic way to feel almost immediate relief from pains and aches in your joints.

The lotions can be in any form as long as they contain the right amount of CBD for reaching into the muscles to prevent inflammation.


You can also find CBD in edibles in formats such as candies or gummies. These edibles are often available as a standalone product or you can produce them yourself by choosing CBD tinctures or oils and adding the mixture into food products.


If you regularly take supplements for your health anyway, taking a CBD capsule is an easy way to take CBD orally and with the same results that you would obtain from supplements.


Using a vaporizer is also a great way to take CBD and to conveniently get your dose. A vaporizer will use a CBD vape juice and allow you to absorb the activated components in a vapor for faster results.

If you’re interested in discovering more about the many health benefits that CBD offers, contact us today and be sure to consider it as a recovery method for your workouts. Consider these top options as methods that you can use to get a healthy dose of CBD and approve your recovery time after working out.