​The Best CBD Products For Dogs

The Best CBD Products For Dogs

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical that is naturally found in cannabis. Unlike the other compounds found in cannabis like THC, it is non psychoactive and this means it will not produce the same high that many people experience when they are using marijuana.

Research into CBD is still in its earliest stages but there are many studies which are suggesting it can be extremely helpful for use in pets and in humans. In pet populations, it is helpful for treating a wide range of conditions like pain, cancer, arthritis and anxiety. CBD pet products are much more readily available and they are treated as a natural measure for helping pet owners treat these wide range of conditions in their pets. These products going on sale will make sure that concerned pet owners can access them, but it is leaving many people wondering whether or not they should be using these products with their pets.

The FDA has allowed these products to go on sale, but there has not been extensive testing for CBD product use on animals like dogs. Many of these products, even without FDA approval are becoming a tool that pet owners and vets are recommending however. This article will go into detail on the risks and the benefits that many pet owners can experience by choosing to use CBD products with their dogs. Here are the details so that you can make a more informed decision on the use of CBD, how it can affect your pets, and what are the best CBD products for dogs.

Vets and CBD

In studies conducted by the VIN news service, 63% of all vets surveyed were asked about CBD products for one of their patients at least once a month. Not every vet is willing to recommend or even discuss these products, but there are many that are willing to recommend and prescribe CBD if they are clear to sell it in their home state.

Some states like California have made it possible for vets to recommend these products without the threat of them potentially using their licence. State regulators cannot penalize veterinarians for talking with clients or recommending the products in the future.

Other bills across the states are coming into play as well. A vet can recommend CBD products with a wider degree than ever before and there are many pet patients that are seeing the difference as a result.

CBD For Dogs

In use of CBD for dogs, it was found to be an effective treatment for conditions like epilepsy, IBS, chronic pain anxiety and more. In studies that took place in 2018, CBD oil in dogs helped pets with osteoarthritis. Dogs were given 2-8mg per kg of body weight and 80% of the pets in the study experienced a benefit to their mobility and for pain reduction.

In a study completed on epileptic dogs in 2019, CBD administered in conjunction to seizure medication created a similar number of dogs that saw improvements throughout treatment. 80% of the dogs in the CBD group experienced less seizure activity and overall improvements to their condition.

The Best Way To Give CBD To Dogs

There are many ways to find the best CBD product for your dog. It is usually best to speak to your vet to determine which would be best for your dog's condition. You can then consider starting with a small dose and monitoring the results in your pet. CBD oil for pets is usually the most recommended type of product for its ease of access and simple use. You could also consider the option of CBD treats, topical oils and other products that may work for your pets condition.

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