Should Athletes take CBD?

Should Athletes take CBD?

Should Athletes take CBD?

Professional athletes are taking CBD more often now than ever before. As CBD was previously a banned substance in many international sports leagues, legalization has opened up the possibility for many professional athletes to start trying CBD or cannabidiol as a method for their recovery. CBD is naturally occurring and it’s one of hundreds of compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. Research into the effects of CBD is still relatively new but in terms of athletic recovery, CBD has been shown to improve joint pain, inflammation, muscle soreness, and more.

With these types of improvements, athletes are able to enjoy faster recovery time without the same psychoactive effects that THC would cause. Athletes that are looking for a professional advantage in their recovery are starting to choose CBD for its performance enhancement results.

CBD And Its Non-Psychoactive Results

CBD can relieve pain and inflammation and it doesn’t produce the psychoactive results the THC would. THC has been used in the past to treat pain but it can have some unwanted side effects such as a delayed reaction time which can be poor for athletic performance. THC can also impair short-term memory which can affect athletic performance as well.

CBD doesn’t come with any of these negative side effects and it also doesn’t have the same potential for misuse from other types of pain relievers. As there are many people that are forced to take opioids as a means to reduce their pain throughout injury recovery or serious athletic training, opting for a natural solution like CBD could help improve results. It doesn’t come with the same addictive behaviors and it can also provide adequate pain and inflammation relief.

CBD acts on the same receptors like THC but it doesn’t affect the brain. CBD works differently on these receptors and it comes with very minimal side effects as well. The side effects associated with CBD even in high doses often come down to fatigue, diarrhea, changes in appetite, and dry mouth. These are all extremely manageable symptoms when compared to the levels of addiction with opioids and alternatives.

Legality Is Increasing

Since the year 2018, the world doping agency has removed CBD from its list of prohibited substances. A series of major sports leagues and organizations are improving their exemption rates for CBD as well. Taking CBD will not make a person test positive for THC and it can provide a series of full-spectrum benefits for those on cannabis-based products. As long as the products with CBD have been properly tested, and athlete that is drug tested will not test positive for THC or face the negative side effects associated with THC use.

If you’re an athlete that’s regularly drug tested you may want to consider looking into the rules of your league, it’s banned substances, and take products that are verified as pure CBD. Making sure that you’re taking a high-quality product to achieve the maximum benefits as well as adhere to the standards of performance testing can be important.

Athletes that decide to regularly take CBD products should seek out medical advice before regularly taking doses for performance. Starting out with a low dose and working to find the ideal comfort level for CBD use during physical activity can be wives. Starting with a lower dose of 20 to 40 mg and then moving up by 5 mg each week will help you to determine what will give you the greatest results for recovery and performance boosts.

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