How Endurance Athletes Use CBD to Recover Faster and Train Harder

One of the largest forces that many endurance athletes must face is inflammation during their training. Fighting inflammation and managing recovery as an athlete in training can be very difficult. In the professional realm, it can be tough to use a variety of pharmaceutical methods for recovery and inflammation because these will often be considered banned substances. Natural substances are more widely considered by athletes today and a number of endurance athletes are now opening up their training to include the use of CBD products in recovery phases. Top athletes are turning towards CBD products as they spread in greater legality. With the option to now use these products to aid in recovery, endurance athletes can stretch their training further and see greater results with the reduction of their recovery time.

Over The Counter CBD For Athletes And Its Advantages

Most types of over the counter CBD are the products that are going to be used by athletes primarily. Many doctors in the sports medicine industry today are only beginning to prescribe CBD products to their patients. Patients that do decide to try out over-the-counter CBD medications experience regular reports of improving their health, sleep, inflammation and recovery times.

How Good is CBD For Treating Inflammation In Endurance Athletes?

Years of research and a series of studies have been completed on the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD. Scientists have been studying phytocannabinoids and terpenoids as well as full-spectrum CBD supplements over many years. Each of these plant-based mechanisms produce anti-inflammatory results and can help athletes that are in endurance sports reduce their need for training or recovery. The best part about using CBD products to remove inflammation is there are no negative side effects that would come from the use of NSAIDs or Steroids.

Cannabinoids will work with the endocannabinoid system and release various neurotransmitter molecules that will suppress inflammation mechanisms. This can be used to reduce pain and make sure that tissues will heal faster. CBD is shown to offer a SOX2 enzyme blockage which can target inflammation at the site and provide the best in body repairs after extreme athletic activity. CBD can help endurance athletes better manage their inflammation and enjoy greater balance in their training.

Reducing Stress With Adaptogen

CBD helps our body to adjust to new levels of exercise and reduce mental stress. With an overall reduction of mental stress it’s possible for our bodies to adapt to exercise more easily and combat mental stress over time too.

Fat Metabolism

Endurance athletes are constantly working towards achieving lower body fat percentages so that they can stay in fat burning mode to keep energy levels up and stay ready for competition. CBD molecules have been shown to improve endurance and fat burning by making adjustments to metabolism.

Consider some of these top ideas and more as you are working on your athletic training and looking for an edge with recovery. Contact us today to get the best CBD on the market for your recovery.