10 Surprising CBD Facts

10 Surprising CBD Facts

10 Surprising CBD Facts

CBD is extremely versatile and the list of benefits for it has absolutely zero endpoints. Scientists have continued to prove almost every month that there is a new benefit to CBD and regular CBD oil. Cannabidiol is making its way into a variety of wellness products and even if you are nervous that the idea of trying cannabis, CBD products are widely available and safe for years to the point where they are now carried in many fitness studios, grocery stores, and local dispensaries completely legally.

If you’re still on the fence about trying CBD products, it’s important that you know all of the facts associated with CBD oil and its benefits. Here are 10 surprising CBD facts that you may not have known:

Smoking Marijuana Can Be An Effective Way To Use CBD

With a wide range of cross-breeding, many cultivators have been able to produce cannabis strains that are extremely high in CBD and THC content. Most strains are cultivated for their strength and THC but you may be able to find a product that is cultivated with the idea of CBD in mind. CBD-based products do not produce the same type of cerebral high that THC would make but they can deliver a number of health benefits and the healing power of CBD, just like CBD oil.

It’s Extracted From Marijuana and Hemp

Most of the CBD oil that you will find on the shelves is extracted from hemp-based cannabis. A common myth that you may find online is that CBD can only be extracted from one type of cannabis plant. It’s possible to extract CBD from nearly any type of hemp or cannabis.

CBD is Nonintoxicating But Also Psychoactive

CBD is considered a non-psychoactive compound and everywhere where CBD is used, you will find it labeled as a non-psychoactive item. When people are talking about CBD it is mentioned that it’s non-psychoactive because it does not produce any type of euphoric effect. CBD is a non-intoxicating agent and the oil is safe for people to take at any age.

It Is Legal At A Federal Level

CBD products are legal at a federal level on duty 2018 farm bill. Any CBD products derived from hemp are completely legal to enjoy in the USA.

CBD Is Beneficial To Pets

CBD can change the life of your pet and all animals including rabbits, horses, dogs, and cats can see benefits with regular CBD oil to improve their well-being and digestion.

You Can Absorb CBD In Different Ways

You can experience the benefits of CBD by absorbing it in a variety of different ways. Just as your body can use other nutrients like vitamin C through citrus fruits as well as through a supplement, you can experience the same results absorbing CBD in an oil as well as in a capsule.

There Are A Massive Number of Cannabinoids Apart From CBD

CBD is just one of the 100+ identified cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. CBD and THC are some of the main components that are found in these plants and all of these properties will combine together to produce a range of effects.

CBD Can Help Balance Deficiencies With Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids often regulate our nutrition and digestion and regularly dosing with CBD could lead us to enjoy a better balance with our body. A deficiency of these cannabinoids can be quickly adjusted with the help of regular CBD doses.

CBD Benefits Even Healthy People

Most of the time we hear about CBD providing benefits to people that have experienced some type of serious trauma in their lives. CBD can have benefits for healthy people as well. Regularly taking CBD oil can contribute to a healthy diet and prevent a series of deficiencies with the Endocannabinoid system.

CBD Can Work With Other Phytonutrients in Cannabis and Hemp

Taking CBD as a concentrated product it may not be the best idea. Taking CBD together with natural compounds that are found in the cannabis plant will lead to an entourage effect which is more powerful. This can mean choosing a CBD product that is derived from natural sources will often be more beneficial to your health.

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